This is the rest of the fitness goals, if u want to be skilled in the athletics-related forms in order to be fit we have already told you the extremely most important components now here we going to discuss the rest of it which are skill related.
Cardiovascular, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, and Body Composition are the 5 most important things to be done before [Main Components Of Fitness], in order to be fit, now what are the other components needed in order to be skilled, there are 6 components they are as follows. 
  •  POWER This is basically nothing but how fast you can apply strength or we also can say that [ muscular speed ( muscular strength) = power ] So, now on both speed and strength falls on the category under power but this can be viewed on their own cause strength falls more on the health-related component of fitness. this is basically needed athlete sports more like gymnasts, discus throwers and high jumpers, etc. More power can also improve cardiovascular function, boosted overall performance in sports.
  • SPEED: The ability of doing a muscular activity as fast as possible is known as speed. Is what we look for as the definition of speed in fitness. this component of fitness is really necessary for sportspeople for their sport. especially like a marathon , or a 100-meter sprint, etc . this also improves cardiovascular endurance gives more flexibility, increases bone strength, also leads to muscle growth.
  • AGILITY: It refers to how swiftly with ease one can move its move during physical activity . it usually does not have on health directly but can save us from injury during physical activity and can boost recovery time through constructing musculoskeletal system.
  • ACCURACY: How we control a movement in a given intensity or given direction is known as accuracy, this is one of the important and major aspects for sportspersons, especially for cricketers. 
  • COORDINATION: “Coordination” the term is not something alien to us yes this means how you organize something to work together, basically in terms of fitness is how you control all your body part such as the concerned limbs during some sport like football, cricket, golf which need a flawless hand and eye coordination. improved coordination leads to better in a number of sports activities as well as improving cognitive function.
  • BALANCE We all know what balance means, something in steady position is known as balance yes doing certain physical activity in a steady position for as long as possible,  this is something self-explanatory and is a  little bit skill-related one . for example:- skating, yogas etc.

Written by – Solitary Waves

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