How to make Atmanirbhar bharat (Self reliance)

ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT means “Self Reliance”. The Indian government has started a campaign to support Make in India or Made in India, to be more elaborate the world is suffering from COVID -19 since past year in China and the world since this year, due to the pestilence the world economy had crashed due to lockdowns for COVID-19 in order to save its people, therefore, the central government of India had suggested that to overcome the economical problems of the country due to the COVID -19 havoc, India, and Indian consumer should focus on goods produced by the country.

In order to succeed Atmanirbhar Bharat we need to do these following things:-

Growing Indian local business. Increase the export business in India etc. Now the question is how can we grow Indian local business if we can solve this problem we can eventually overcome the next 2 because this 3 points mentioned above are interdependent like if we grow local business most of our necessary good from the Chinese market we import no longer will be needed, and of course if we can grow the local business in the certain huge amount we will be able to sell them off on export market, and following this ultimate steps will definitely lead to an economically healthy “INDIA “. Now the question arises how, why and what can we do to succeed the above aim.

First step towards self-reliance
We should eradicate Chinese products as much as possible, the reason being is that they have covered the global market and don’t allow themselves to enter any other foreign product to enter their own country. They make profits more than 40% of the export business but don’t do any international import in order to sacrifice their own privacy. They make duplicates of each and every product that has covered the global market eg. 
They use instead of, 
similarly, they have instead of Youtube, etc.

How can India grow local products?
As right now according to the prez of India the start-ups in the cities had increased about 45-50%, and as per the government seeing the economic condition they are providing and approving big business loans, for the “ made by India “ movement, those who already had business and want to grow and those who want to open a business but can’t due to low money resource surely have a clear and better opportunity right now to achieve their dreams, as they can improve their product quality, good quality leads to more demand more demands leads to cause this Indian product to be the highest-grossing produces for many reasons in this COVID session clearly.

How can growing local products can save the economy? 
  In simple language, we all know that if we import less that we export, it creates a trade surplus, if a country has a trade deficit, it must borrow from other countries to pay for the extra imports. If we grow local products and consume those our money in the world market will be less ( in terms of loans)  as we don’t import things, as much as we export so, therefore,  the lesser u import the more u grow, the more we grow the more we can eradicate poverty, the lesser the poverty the happier the country.

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