Main Components of Fitness

  • CARDIOVASCULAR/AEROBIC:- The ability of the body’s system to gather process and deliver oxygen to different parts of the body especially the muscles that are in use, lungs, and heart are the two main organs that mainly need the oxygen most, when body has to work for continuous long period of time. VO2 max is the most accurate way to measure aerobic fitness to date. Sports/exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, jogging, etc are some ways to train cardiovascular endurance.
  • STAMINA:-The ability of processing, delivering, storing, and utilizing the energy of the body is known as stamina. This is basically breaking the stored fat into glucose and acts as fuel in the body, we can check by doing how many reps of a single exercise we can do without taking a break, this is almost same as of cardiovascular endurance yet its different.
  • STRENGTH:-The ability to resist or apply force in a single contraction by a unit of muscles, or by a combination of a unit of muscles.This is one of the most important components of fitness, this is basically the force that can be produced by the muscles in one contraction, also known as “ ONE-REP MAX”
  • How to check on it:- suppose two guys, A and B can lift 350 kg of weight well, A weights 130 kg while B weights 90 kg, then who had more strength A or B? Yes, you are right B has more strength, so strength is basically how much weight u can lift: your body weight, if u can lift 1.5 more times than your body weight on the bench press and 2 times on deadlift and squats, CONGRATULATIONS !!, you are in a good way keep pushing.
  • FLEXIBILITY:-This is basically how much movement or range of motion we can do around given body joints. the more you can move / the more range you have the more flexible you are. flexibility is joint-specific, for example you may have flexible shoulders but rigid hips, even you can have one shoulder more flexible than the other.  Flexibility is very important for any age group the more flexible we are the more athletic performer we can be and of course less prone to injuries such as sprain etc. In order to increase flexibility we can do stretching from 10 – 30 sec at a time we can also do Yogas and many other exercises.
  • BODY COMPOSITION:-The amount/ratio of fat mass and fat-free mass in the body is last and of the five main components of physical fitness. The higher the fat mass you have the negative kind of body composition you have. Just having low weight should not be mistaken as the perfect body composition. Instead of checking weight in the meter scale you should get off ! and visit either a trainer or purchase a BIA ( BIOELECTRICAL IMPEDANCE ANALYSIS ) to calculate body fat. DEXA ( dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry ) scans is an available option but HYDROSTATIC TESTING is the gold – standard of measuring fat composition currently, first they weight on dry land and then in underwater scale the more fat u had the lighter weight in underwater it will be.

But, if u regularly do your exercise, either by hitting the gym or other cardio or flexibility u tend to have a reducing fat mass.
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