Trip to Rajasthan: The land of history

Hello everyone, I hope you guys stay safe at your homes and keep enjoying my blogs. So, today I am taking you to the Rajasthan tour.
  • A sizeable place where our Indian history and culture being immortal until the end of the world. First of all, you need to drop the concept of Rajasthan being a desert land, but it's not. It's far beyond our thinking.
  • The desert land is too blessed with rain and greenery at a particular month during a year. You can't even imagine that Rajasthan has ample greeneries as compared to our big cities like Mumbai Bangalore, etc.
  • So, let's start our journey from Jaisalmer, a heathland where the camel is part of the landscape of Rajasthan; the icon of the desert state, part of its cultural identity, and an economically important animal for desert commodities. Experiencing Sun dawn over sitting on camel's back is just an awesome feeling. You might get shiver attacks watching Rajasthan traditional cultural programs. 

  • They are like playing with blades, needles, and every sharp edge utensil, carrying all this on the top of the eyes and showing their stunt skills. It's too risky and dangerous still, they are doing this to carry their traditional vows to the whole world. You have heard of many rides like water rides sky rides, etc but have you heard about sand rides, yes that exists too and you can experience this kind of rides only in Rajasthan. The name Jaisalmer was given on the honor of Rawal Jaiswal. The fort was built in 1156 and is a proud chattel of the Bhati clan. Rawal Jaiswal was the founder of Jaisalmer city. One can see the fusion of Rajput and Islamic architecture. There are 4 gateways to reach this fort i.e.  Akshaya Pol, Ganesh Pol, Suraj Pol and, Hawa Pol. Jaisalmer Fort is situated on Trikuta Hill and had been the scene of many battles.

  • Main attractions of the fort: Raj Mahal (Royal palace), the Laxminath temple and, Jain temples. Jaisalmer fort is popularly known as the "Sonar Kila" because it is made of actual Rajasthani yellow stones and when the sun touches the walls it shines like gold. The Jaisalmer fort seems like a palace in the fairy tales and dominates the tinted small town of Jaisalmer. 
  • Other attractions. : Tazia tower Jaisalmer, Gadsisarlake
  • Other states of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur mount Abu. Every place holds on to a different historical story. Jaipur is named on the name of Raja jay sing he was the founder of Jaipur city. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. It evokes the Royal family that once ruled the region and it is known to be the "pink city" for its trademark building colors. 
  • The main attraction is the city palace which was by Raj Sawai Jai sing. I am from Bengal so I must say this, city palace is the Laws house of our Bengal daughter Gayetri Devi. she died July 29,2009. she was known as Maharani Gayatri Devi, Rajmata of Jaipur. Another palace is known to be the Jal Mahal in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. An awesome architecture of Rajasthan. ar Now comes to Udaipur, known as the "city of lakes". it's too an adorable historical place. I am not going too far, because of every place fetches a lot of histories along with. 

  • But one thing I need to tell you about Raja Maharana Pratap he was a great worrier among the ancient times and still alive inside our heart. He was unbeatable on the battlefield. His passion and dedication towards his motherland are worthy of worship.  Rajasthan is known to be the most haunted place too.
  • You have heard about Bhangarh Fort. Mount Abu is a hill station in western India’s Rajasthan state. Set on a high rocky plateau in the Aravalli Range and surrounded by forest, it offers a relatively cool climate and views over the arid plains below. In the center of town, Nakki Lake is a popular spot for boating. 

       Rajasthan is a place where you can experience everything, rage fear, summer, cold   

                Written by Souradipta Gupta 


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