5 Best Homemade Pre- and Post Workout Drinks

Beverages /drinks are the most common and effective way to keep ourselves hydrated. A right Beverages /drinks not only just provide us with essential hydration but can also be a source of other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and other carbohydrates as well as energy, I know many of you have the question beverages/ drinks really? Yes, beverages/drinks in our busy life we all almost consume beverages/drink, but most of us consume readymade beverages or drinks that we buy from the market which is not really healthy at all cause this kind of beverages/drinks have a lot of added sugar which just add extra calories and nothing beneficial to our body so today here in this blog we have enlisted few refreshing homemade healthy beverages/drinks that are easy to prepare and loaded with benefits and even can reduce belly fats. 

Let us begin.

When we slice few fruits in a little amount solo or in a combination of any fruits according to our needs such as cucumber and lemon, watermelon and strawberry, lemon and orange or other citrus fruits etc.
And left those in a jar of water for 7-8 hours these fruits start releasing its nutrients in the water, replacing our daily drinking water this is really healthy. For many of us, it is also known as DETOXIFYING DRINK. Although it doesn’t really have any detoxifying properties as scientific studies says this is just another version of plain water or a minimalistic beverage/drink which is loaded with nutrients but vitamins and proteins mostly but according to some fitness experts this is believed that when we consume such drinks the vitamins and proteins heals and repairs our body and that is how we eliminate the toxic substitutes from our body.
[ NOTE: This kind of drinks generally starts showing result in one or two weeks if consumed on a regular
basis, for better result consume this beverage for a month . ]


Adding a little bit of apple cider vinegar in your daily drinking water is a great idea but few may find it
not fit as per their taste or for other reason but want to try this drink/beverage all u can do is, have a 1
tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water but remember not to have more than 30 ml in one go as it could lead to nausea if you have much of it, and having this beverage/drink early in the morning in an empty stomach can really lead to a healthy body configuration, such as healthy skin, healthy hair, lowering blood sugar levels boosts metabolism and improves diabetes symptoms.
[ NOTE: Consume regularly for 12 weeks for belly fats to see results ]


Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and half a lemon mix it in warm water, have it in the evening after exercise or 15-30 minutes before exercise or in empty stomach early in the morning you can also add honey for flavour if you want. This beverage not just fight dehydration but also reduce belly fat increases metabolism. You can even consume coconut oil direct from the jar too. This beverage is highly beneficial for weight loss.


Take one piece of jaggery about 2 inches in size and half a lemon mix it to a glass of warm water well and you can have this in the morning in empty stomach or even in the evening as it's very refreshing beverages, and a health tonic as well, we all know jaggery does not add extra calories like sugar does if we take it in an adequate amount. jaggery also helps in flushing toxins from the liver , it also stimulates blood production, it is really helpful for those who have anaemia, they must try it, and not to forget the vitamin c from the lemon, it’s a really tasty drink.
[NOTE: It shows result within 2 weeks if consumed regularly ]


Last but not the least, tea is the most popular beverage what almost every people in the world has in their beverage list, so for tea lovers this is going to be your new favourite health beverages, taking young guava leaves and drying them in the sun or even putting them directly in water after giving them a good wash for 15 minutes and adding tea leaves and boil it for another 5 minutes if u want it's optional or you can have this without tea also add honey for flavour if you want . actually Guava leaves are loaded with more nutrients than guava fruit, they are richer in vitamin c. this helps in promoting weight loss manages diabetes, lower cholesterol, cures diarrhoea and cough and cold, reduces acne, prevent hair loss, fights cancer, improves skin texture, gives relief from a toothache, improves sleep quality boosts immunity, improves heart health and gastrointestinal issues, good for our brain.
[NOTE: Consuming this drink for 12 regular weeks can totally change and improve your internal system and make you beautiful inside and out .]

Hope our blog helped you have a good day ahead
Written by:- Solitary Waves
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